The Complete Judgment Recovery Guidebook
What other readers of The Real World Judgment Recovery Guidebook have said...

“…it's the content that makes it all worthwhile…” -- BC, California

“Anyone who tells you that hanging a shingle out and calling yourself a successful business person hasn’t worked in the real world.  That’s what this book is all about – knowing all you can about the Judgment Recovery business so you go in with eyes wide open.  It’s been a real learning experience and contributed immensely to my family’s prosperity.” 

-- Olga B., Huntington Beach, CA

“Barry, I love the layout. It gives so much more detail and insight than the other course I bought. Thanks for writing it and keep up the good work!”
-- NZ, Georgia

“…your information explores areas beyond the other courses. Thank you so much.” -- AW, Illinois

“… the more I read the more complex and legal it seems to become. Thanks for going beyond the plain vanilla and putting it into perspective.” -- CH, Tennessee

“Very well thought out with a lot of info the other manuals don’t have. I will be reading and re-reading this manual for some time to come.” -- PW, Idaho

“I'm just getting started and would love some experience. I am looking to do this from home and work in several different states. Your book is just what I needed.” -- FR, South Carolina
Here's what Charles Perez, a fellow CAJP member and private investigator said on his website (

"Barry has been personally involved in the judgment recovery business for several years and has done an excellent job of carefully dissecting every aspect of the judgment recovery business, meticulously outlining the legal concepts, providing guidance to aid you in avoiding various legal pitfalls in the beginning of your new career and advising you on successfully managing your judgment recovery business.

This manual is extremely well written and well researched and is a "must" for your professional bookshelf."  Thank you, Charles.  -- BRG
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